TIME/IMAGE engages the public in the past, the present and the future by inviting them to explore documentary films spanning the last century and consider the questions they raise. We think that the notion of bringing archive films into a digital age – interpreting and combing them with today's ideas in innovative ways – will serve to reinvigorate this fantastic resource and capture the public's imagination. The purpose of any archive is to preserve important historical documents for future generations to enjoy. Now those generations are here, and today we have the technology to open up these archives and bring their fascinating contents to the wider public whilst preserving historical artefacts.

This Wikispace site is the research hub for TIME/IMAGE - where all information on the numerous titles in the archives we work with is collated. This site combines videos, images, and text to form coherent narratives and highlight connections.

We encourage the public to join this Wikispace and contribute to it with anything that enhances the meaning of the films - be it photos, films, documents, or simply memories.

Our main project to date has been the British Council Film Collection .

Please note that this research site is currently an archive. It has not been updated significantly since 2012.

External Links of Note:
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