World Garden - The Botanical Gardens at kew

'A picture of springtime in Kew Gardens, of daffodils, bluebells, cherry blossom, of those exotic flowers from the tropics, the Andes, the Himalayas. In these lovely surroundings, Londoners find peace and serenity, while their children play. Rare plants are classified in the Herbarium; crop growers throughout the world are aided in their battle against pests and disease by Kew research.' [1]

Date: 1942
Duration: 10:58

In Technicolor
Director: Robin Carruthers
Production Company: Spectator Films
Producer: -
Cinematographer: Geoffrey Unsworth
Composer: Jack Beaver
Narration: Charles Lefeaux
Editor: -
Sound Recording: W.S. Bland

Length: 35mm:1025ft. 16mm: 410ft.

Distributor: General Film


The film briefly shows Sir Geoffrey Evans, Director of Kew Gardens from 1941 to 1943.

Shot in glorious Technicolor, perfect for capturing the vibrancy of hues on display, World Garden explores the diverse flora and fauna of Kew Gardens. Encompassing plants from the tropics, Saharan Africa and continental Europe, we unearth the wealth of specimens held within the illustrious gardens, also going ‘behind the scenes’ to gain insight into the vast archives of information held on the world’s botany. Kew offers a leisure and learning space for the British public; to couples, families and nature lovers alike.

World Garden

Certificate: U
Distributors: General Film
Producers: Spectator
1,028ft / 11mins
A visit to Kew Gardens. In Technicolor. Produced for distribution by the British Council. [2]
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