Western Highlands - The Highlands of Scotland - A Land of Magnificent Scenery and Historic Interest
(Series: Our Island)

'Scotland’s lochs and glens have been extolled in verse and song. They are renowned the world over. They add mystery and beauty to a scene that is full of historic and legendary associations.
This film shows many of the most conspicuous places of beauty and links them with Scottish history: Oban, a celebrated watering place; Ardconnel Castle, once the stronghold of the Men of Lorn; the battlefield of Dalry, scene of Robert Bruce’s struggle with the MacDougals; the famous Glengarry Falls; Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the British Isles; Loch Etive, notable for its fishing; the village of Dornie, clustering on the shore of Loch Alsh; and Glencoe, grimly associated with the massacre of the MacDougals by the Campbells in 1692.' [1]

Date: 1933
Duration: 11:--

Director: Duncan Robbins
Production Company: Alba/TIDA
Producer: -
Cinematographer: D.P. Cooper
Composer: Alfred Filer
Narration: Harry Clifford
Editor: Duncan Robbins
Sound Recording: -
Song sung by: Thorpe Bates

Length: 35mm: 950ft. 16mm:380ft.

Distributor: -


Credits listed here are taken from the British Film Library Catalogue, Vol.2, Non-Fiction Film 1888-1994 (2001 Edition), page 255, ref: 06590. This source also lists this film as being a part of a series entitled Our Island.
  1. ^ Films of Britain - British Council Film Department Catalogue - 1940