Water Service (Great Britain, 1945)
Educational Films, Background Films
Distributors: Central Film Library
Producers: British Council and Selwyn Films
1 reel 1092ft / 12 mins Format: 35mm and 16mm, both Sd
UK Rights: Central Office of Information
Water is carried from the lakes to the reservoirs, where it seeps through filter beds; and, when purified, is driven by power houses to consumers. Samples of water are continually tested to make sure that there is no contamination. Waterworks all over the empire have been erected by British engineers.
This film, produced by the British Council, does not give a very instructive view of water service. Too much time is spent on showing laboratory tests and too little on how water is carried from source to consumer. It would not be of much educational value either for schools or clubs. *
* Appraisal by the Background Films Viewing Committee

´╗┐Index to Vol. 14 NOS. 157-168 1947 ´╗┐Films Issued between June 30th and July 31st (1947) in the Monthly Film Bulletin of the BFI, p.g 90