They Live Again - The Rehabilitation of Miners

(See also: Accident Service)

Still from 'They Live Again' - Taken from 'Films of Britain 1947-50'
'Depicts the service provided for injured miners at a well-known Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre in the Midlands. All stages of the treatment of severely injured miners are shown, also the principles underlying rehabilitation.'[1]

Date: 1944
Duration: 18:12 minutes.

Director: A. Reginald Dobson
Production Company: G.B. Instructional
Producer: -
Cinematographer: Frank North
Composer: William Alwyn
Narration: -
Editor: -
Sound Recording: -
Scenario by: Mary Cathcart Borer

Length: 35mm: 1700ft. 16mm: 616ft.

Distributor: M.G.M.


They Live Again is a shortened version of Accident Service. Accident Service is a serious film; twice as long, without music, and aimed at a medically-educated audience, it focuses on the regime of physical rehabilitation. They Live Again covers this aspect more briefly and is lighter in tone, focussing more on the happiness of the injured miner, and the quality of services provided to aid his recovery. With a cheery musical soundtrack, this film was intended for more general distribution.

They Live Again
Certificate: U
Distributors: M.G.M.
Producers: G.B. Instructional
1708ft / 19mins
The rehabilitation of miners. Produced for the British Council. [2]
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