Teeth of Steel - Excavators at Work

Monochrome Still from 'Teeth of Steel' - Taken from 'Films of Britain 1947-50'
'Britain’s giant excavators with their teeth of steel are cutting new inland waterways, draining fenland so that more food can be grown, carving out railways, docks and harbours, hewing iron-ore for factories and shipyards, digging clay for bricks.
These machines, perfected by British engineers, give their powerful aid to Britain’s reconstruction.' [1]

Date: 1942
Duration: 11:--

In Technicolor.
Director: Ronald H. Riley
Production Company: Technique Films
Producer: -
Cinematographer: Geoffrey Unsworth
Composer: -
Narration: -
Editor: -
Sound Recording: -

Length: 35mm: 1016ft. 16mm: 406ft.

Distributor: M.G.M.

Teeth of Steel

Certificate: U
Distributors: M.G.M.
Producers: Technique
971ft / 11mins
Giant excavators at work: in Technicolor. Produced for the British Council.[2]
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    New Short Films Issued Between October 21 and November 20 [1942]
    149 Teeth of Steel
    Monthly Film Bulletin of the BFI