WO 374/55313 - ' Captain A.F. Primrose'

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[SC 14/12/11]
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[Confirmed correct Primrose by signature comparison from TIDA documents]

Item 1: Protection Certificate (Officer)

“The undermentioned Officer of the [delete where applicable] Territorial Force will be Disembodied to the Reserve Service Category IV with effect from 19.4.19...”

Rank: (Substantive) Captain
Dispersal Area No.: 1A
Theatre of War or Command: Scottish [code I]
Regiment or Corps to which belonging: R.E.
Unit with which last serving: 59th (Forth) Fortress Coy. [?]
Place of rejoining in case of emergency: Inch Keith
Occupation in civil life: Accountant
Born in the year: 1889
Medical Category: A
Married or Single: Single

Surname: Primrose (O.B.E.)*
Christian Names: Alexander Ferguson
Permanent Address: Primrose Hill, Dumfries
Agent or Paymaster: Cox & Co.

*[Added later]

Item 2: Handwritten Note

“Royal Engineers
Electric Lights Boys
Captain A.F. Primrose O.B.E., City of Edinburgh Fortress Engs resigns his commission, and retains the rank of Captain.”
(Stamp: Gazette 16 Dec 1920. M.S.4 (T.))

Item 7: Roll of Those Resigning

Name: Primrose, A.F.
Age: 31 yrs. 6 mths.
Rank: Subst.: Capt.
Company of Unit in which served during War: [1/3] E.L. Coy., C. of E. (F) R.E.