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FO 395/584

'Travel Association – Broadcasts. Code 150. File 100.


03/01/38 [ Mr H.B. Brenan, TA to Mr J. Corley Smith, FO]
Travel Association broadcast talks [Abbreviated version. Full copy overleaf & below.]
I enclose a copy of one of our Radio Talks “Seeing London by River” which [Rowland] Kenney thought could suitably be translated into Spanish for South America. You will see from the records that previous translations have been put to good use in Chile and it would, no doubt, also be useful for Mr. Dougall's broadcasting station at Buenos Aires.
Although I made generous cuts in the English edition it is still far too long but as we agreed on the telephone it will be best to leave further cutting to the newspapers or radio stations in South America.

[Note on previous] We will distribute these to the same missions as we have written to before. Draft. R.K. 19/01

TIDA had an office at the British Empire Building, 620 Fifth Avenue, NY, USA

[Lengthy document in Spanish, which is a Spanish translation of an article on “Seeing London by River”, by Thomas Burke, prepared by TIDA for 'broadcasting purposes in the USA'.]

08/02/38 [Brenan, TA, to Kenney, FO]
“Many thanks for your letter of February 3rd informing us of the action which you have taken in regard to the translation and broadcasting of come of our talks in Lisbon. This is excellent work.
As to further translations into Spanish perhaps you would look through the enclosed [see photos] talk by Thomas Burke, “London – Morning, Noon and Night” and see if you think that, with considerable cuts, it might be of value for broadcasting and for newspaper reproduction in South America.
We should also be prepared to pay for the translation into Spanish of the enclosed article from “Coming Events” on the Glasgow Empire Exhibition by Lord Elgin, unless this is a subject which you have already covered, or are about to cover, in your London letter.”

[Kenney writes to Brenan]

“Mr Brenan tells me that they cannot very well cut the London article; and he is not anxious to have it done anyhow, as their funds are very low. No further action. R.K. “

Copy of radio script for 'Just Now in Britain – Gliders Over England', written by WDH McCullough.
Kindly note that it is not necessary to credit the Travel Association as the source of this material.”

21/07/38 [Brenan, TA, to Corley-Smith, FO]
“Herewith a copy of our up-to-date list of radio talks [see photos]. You will recall that in the past you have always taken a number for distribution to Posts overseas.
I have also sent a copy to Croom-Johnson at the British Council.”

Mention of Kenneth Matthews as author of some TIDA talks. Possibly: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/obituary-kenneth-matthews-1567810.html


Ernest Short
H.B. Brenan
Morris Gilbert

J.B. Manson

'Programme for British Cultural Propaganda in Austria 1938/9' [see photos]

A translation of a review of the work done in the year 1937 by societies interested in the promotion of cultural relations between England and Austria. Approx 20 pages.

Letters following debate if it's worth doing so much work in Austria. Seems to agree that it might be futile soon, but is worthwhile for now.

[Anschluss with Austria - 12/03/38]

15/03/1938 [Mr WHB Mack, British Legation,Vienna, to Rex Leeper, FO.]
“Events have moved rapidly since your letter was written and I am sure that the Minister would agree that the Council's work here must cease, at all events for the present. Schmid-Schmidsfelden had already made arrangements with the Ministry of Education for announcing the Scholarship and the School Competition, but I doubt whether the announcement has actually been given out. In any case, they must now go by the board.
We received a letter yesterday from Schmid-Schmidsfelden in which he confesses his German faith and says that it will now be his duty to wind up “the activities of the Anglo-Austrian Society, or rather to establish a connexion of those activities with the corresponding German bodies”.
I enclose a copy of the letter, to which I have so far sent no reply, and also copies of this letter and its enclosure as you will probably wish to pass them on to Charles Bridge.”

[see photos]

19/04/38 [Mr Mack, British Legation,Vienna, to Rex Leeper, FO.]
“The British Council's work in Austria has now been, to all intents and purposes, wound up... In regard to the future I am sure you will not expect me to submit any recommendations. Of one thing however I am quite sure – namely, that no cultural work can be carried on here independently of Berlin... So I fear the Council will have to decide either to withdraw completely from this Province or to conduct their work here through some German organisation.”

[Much discussion of wireless advertising overseas, and a French ban on English adverts. GPO involved.]