Viewing Panel for Medical Films


Discusses screenings of medical films.
Includes: Aspects of Accessible Cancer, Human Blood Fluke, Fothergill’s Operation, etc

Showing of medical photography in Yugoslavia, Austria, Italy, and Spain (Oct 1953 – March 1954)

1950s file?

Many invites to medical screenings. There was apparently a medical film-viewing panel, to assess the quality and accuracy of the films. People on it: Dr RHL Cohen, Dr JM Faulkner, Dr FHK Green (all Publications Officers with the Medical research Council).

Panel included medical advisors from the Colonial Office.

Debate about breast cancer film and ‘dogmatic’ statement that cancer recurs due to bad surgery or similar.

There was a medical department at the British Council.

Criticism of plastic surgery film by Dr Green.

A number of transcripts of films (including shot-by-shot image descriptions).

Lists of films produced. These are numerous, and thus photographed. [*Not actually list of BC produced - SC. 24.02.11]

There are comments on the panel in general.