BW 63/2


  • Film department had close ties with Museum of Modern Art - sent films 1940

  • University of Oglethorpe asked for films for Crypt of Civilisation – not sure if these got sent?

  • TIDA would have dealt with US, but USA is outside of BC's field of operation (see BW 2/32)
MOI would take over dealing with sending films to them - but Foriegn Office not happy with this as MOI are new to film.

Guedalla corrects assertion that USA "outside its field of operations" -
"at beginning of War it was laid down that no propaganda should be conducted in the United States."
BUT as long as word "propaganda" left out, MOI can conducted certain activities - therefore BC allowed to operate there as well?

Foreign Office no longer have objection to this (26th Dec 1940).

Series of films went out for theatrical distribution as well as to the Museum of Modern Art