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Big Memo covering the British Council situation. Unfortunately no addresses / names.
Dated April 1941

Foreign office wrote to Primrose on 7th July 1941 to say stop making so many countryside films, that Walter Scott wasn’t popular abroad enough to warrant a film being made about him and that a film planned about sailing titled “White Sails” would be too adverse to make during war times.

28th June 1941 the Foreign office write to M. Kearney at the British Council to approve the Council to have their films bear indication they have been “approved” by the Council.

Then a letter from Kearney to Guedella 27th June 1941 (photographed) about the “approved” logo being added to BC films. - very interesting points made about the logo making the films appear as propaganda.

It seems in December 1940 all films were allowed to be distributed in the United States once again.

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Foreign Office send a confidential letter