BW 4/50 - 'This is Britain 1944-45'

Relevant Films: This is Britain

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[HM 14/12/11]

BC def paid for This is Britain 1-5...
receipts etc contained in file.

It was penned as a MONTHLY cine-magazine.
Seems to have begun in March 1945.

The first three issues were made by Films of Great Britain Ltd but then went to Merlin Film Company Ltd. There were many legal discussions over the contract with Films of Great Britain Ltd.

Invoice for Films of Britain issue 6 payable by the Council. 27/6/1945

Invoices from Merton Park Studios Ltd for charges due to the cancellation of shooting the film ‘Lord Latham, Lord Hoarder, Lady Reading’? - THIS IS BRITAIN is stamped on the invoice.

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Draft contract dated 16th March 1944 - “BRITONS TODAY” “or other suitable title”

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THIS IS BRITAIN commentaries
10 JAN 1945

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Finance and Agenda Committee 9th Jan 1945
photographed - very clearly explained document about the THIS IS BRITAIN films.

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Andrew Buchanan of Films of Great Britain Ltd basically messed up the first three issues and they had to use the rest of the budget to buy him out of the contract. More money has given for the first three to be properly edited together with some new sequences and 4 and 5 were definitely made. The original budget was to cover 6 monthly issues and issue 6 is mentioned now and again but no real proof that number 6 was made by the Council. Possibly by that point the COI may have taken it on, and the THIS IS BRITAIN series had everyones backing and praise - but many frustrated with all the problems.