London 1942


Film: London 1942

File contents: Pretty comprehensive; contains initial commissioning info, script development (5 versions?), invoices, accounts, comments and critique of script, general correspondence, certificates.

Interesting points:

There is an issue with the Ministry of Information censoring some bits of the film. For example, a shot of women manning an anti-aircraft gun is removed right at the end of the production process, as it is ‘still secret’. One man expresses surprise that this has to be removed, as the film has already be shown to and cleared by another government body concerned with national security.

There are various views expressed as to what should be in the film, and how it makes the British people look. For example, one gentleman believes that it shows too much leisure activity, and is worried that it will give the impression that they’re “fighting the war down to the last Russian”. One says that the amount of leisure should be fine, ‘just don’t show it in the Middle-East’.
Period language and prejudices, such as seen above, are rife, and there is a very distinct awareness in the film makers that this piece is for propaganda.

Many of the handwritten notes are sadly completely illegible due to the authors’ terrible handwriting.

[Many pictures taken]