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Comments on Films from British Council Reps Overseas

Films referred to:
Accident Service 1x1x1x1x1x
Attack 1x
Architects of England 1x1x1
A.1. At Lloyds 1x1x
British Ships 1x
Ball Control 1x
Block Bone Graft to Mandible 1
Birth of the Year 1x
Beginners Please 1
John Bull 111(J)
Coastal Village 1x1x1x1– 'Naturally suffers from being a silent film. It would have been interesting to have seen exactly HOW the fish are caught y the nets. Musical background would have been a great improvement. The British Institute, Valletta, Malta, 12th Nov 1946.' (Also India, no comments) – 'Rather dull. No comments by audience, which is not a good sign. If the film had been more interesting the length would have been correct. Nicosia. 21st June 1946'
Carbon Dioxide Absorption 1x1x
Cambridge 1x1x1x11 [very well liked]
City Bound 1x1x(E) – 'London transport is totally unlike that in Mexico City, which is chaotic, and I think our audience was duly impressed, but they would no doubt have preferred a sound version. Institute, Mexico. (silent version with Spanish subtitles.) 9th Oct 1946' – 'As in most films where commentary is in English, the speed at which the commentary is spoken is a bit too fast for the majority to fully understand. Chungking. 29th November 1945'
Chip Bone Graft to Edentulous Mandible 1
Julius Caesar 1x1(J)1(W)x
Continuous Flow 1x1x1x1x
Children on Trial 1x
Carry On Children 11x
Common Ground 1x111
Cardiac Arrest 1x1x1x1x
Country Town 1x – 'I think that, though it is quite a good film, it is, for such a placid subject, a bit too long. I am not quite sure why the commentary was so difficult to follow; perhaps it was too fast. [Has other issues with sound]. Allied Control for Austria, Vienna. 9th May 1946.'
Castings 1x
Colour in Clay 1x – 'An excellent film. Though it has been shown more than half a dozen times here it still holds the interest of the audience. Nicosia. 21st January 1946. (*Commentary: Theatrically GVH Emmett spoils films for serious use educationally as he is much much too colloquial – painfully facetious. There is great need for SLOW & SIMPLE versions in ME [Middle-East?])
Campanions 1x
Derbyshire Village 1x1x1
Deaf Education 1
Double Thread 1x
Development of the English Town 1x111x1x1x – 'The last part – planning – seems to us weak. Commentary rather feeble. [later:] This country has been told – by Nazis, for instance – that England's past was perhaps all right, but that her present is dull, unprogressive, finished. Therefore a film that is better on the past, unimaginative about the present, fails to make the necessary correction. Prague. 22nd November 1946' – 'This film is so badly printed that it cannot be projected. New Delhi, India. 12th April 1946.' - 'Ghost business too indistinct and complicated. Sound poor and little difference between red slums & new planning. Nicosia. 21st January 1946' – 'Good film of historical and topical interest. Used on many programmes in conjunction with the American film THE CITY for showings to civic and town planning groups. Also with NEW TOWNS FOR OLD. Ottowa, Canada. Oct 20th 1945.' [Also Uruguay, Buenos Aires (Argentina)]
Defence 1x
Distillation 1x
Peas and Cues 1
Daily Dozen at the Zoo 1
Development of the Chick 1
Dartmouth 1x1x
Each for All 11
Endotrachael Anaesthesia 1x1x1x1
18 Girls and a Horse 11x – 'A good physical training film suitable for schools. Much enjoyed by young womens' institutions. Gold Coast. 20th Feb 1946.'
Eyelet Wiring 1
Farmer's Boy 1x1x1x1x1x1x
Forehand Drive; Volley and Smash; Service 1x
*First Principles of Compression Ignition Engine 1x
Five Fit Fellows 11x
Four and Twenty Fit Girls 11x
Full Cycle 11
Forgings 1
*First Principles of the Petrol Engine 1
Fitness Wins the Game 1x
General Election 1x1x1x1x1 – 'Considered to be an excellent film. Valletta, Malta. 20th Nov 1946.' - 'Only suitable for Institute audiences for linguistic reasons. If it were not for this it could be used with advantage in schools. Bogota. 12th November 1946.'[Also Prague x2, Newfoundland]
Goal Keeping and Throwing In 1x
Gardens of England 1x
Hospital School 11
Houses in History 1
H.W. Austin 1
History of the English Language 1111- 'I would suggest a longer film with greater detail and many more examples of words – it hardly achieves its aim, its so short. Chungking. 29th November 1945.' - 'Good animations. A more detailed report on this film was forwarded about a year ago. Ottawa, Canada. Oct 20th 1945.'[Uruguay, Buenos Aires (Argentina)]
How the Telephone Works 111
Health of a Nation 11
Heredity in Animals 1
Man on the Beat 11(M)1(M)
Handling and Care of the Patient 1111 [very well-liked]
Intravenous Part 1 11
Intravenous Part 2 111
Invitation to the Dance 11
Infected Fracture (Strachen) 1
Intravenous Anaesthesia1
Jamaican Harvest 1
Kicking 1
King Penguins 1
Letter from Britain 1
Looking Through Glass 111
Lowland Village 1111 – 'Photography very good, but sequence seems purposeless – commentator talks without having much to say. Manner rather patronising. We are inclined to use it only muted; subject of photography excellent. Prague. 28th November 1946.' - 'No 16mm projectors in any Dakar cinemas now. Film shown in Merchant Seamen's Canteen. Film very poor, i.e. Photography not clear, and commentator's voice indistinct and impossible to follow. Dakar. 12th June 1946. [Taken from Land of Invention].' - 'A very good and clear film. Nicosia. 21st Jan 1946.' - 'Some members of the audience complained that they found difficulty in following the commentary, which though not spoken in a dialect would seem to be less clear than the commentary which accompanies COASTAL VILLAGE. Belgrade, Yugoslavia. 7th Feb 1946.' - 'Rather lacking in character, pleasant to watch but does not make a deep impressions. Photography rather dim. Gold Coast. 20th Feb 1946.' [New Dehli]
Learning to Live 111
Local Government 1111
Little Ships of England 11
Lessons from the Air 1111
Life History of the Onion 1 [Uruguay]
Lubrication of the Petrol Engine 1
Life Cycle of the Newt 111 – '[Does this film promote...:] My dear Sir, [NO]! Kabul. 7th Sept 1946.' - 'Newts unknown in Africa. Nairobi. 1st Feb 1946.' [Buenos Aires]
Life Cycle of Maize 1111(M)- 'Requires showing twice. The fact that Maize only given to hens & not a staple food of Africans is a blunder. Man walking through Maize is futile...[later] It would appear that Maize is a food only suitable for poultry. This might be improved by a shot of a human being eating a maize cob! Kenya. 1st Feb 1946.' - 'Well received. New Delhi. 12th April 1946.' [Buenos Aries]
Land of Invention 111
London 1942 1 – 'This film would have been interesting after after first 3 minutes it broke so often that it had to be finally abandoned. Dakar. 12th June 1946.' - 'The impression of London's energy and vitality made a marked impression. The sight of the food available to British People in 1942 interested some who remembered that Great Britain was supposed to be starving. Commentaries, for foreign audiences, cannot be too clearly spoken. Vienna. 9th May 1946.'[
Macbeth 11(M)1(M)1(M)
Life Cycle of Pin Mould 11(P) – 'An excellent film. Photography excellent. Kenya. 1st Feb 1946.'
Louise 1
London Terminus 11
Make Fruitful the Land 1111
Maxilla Fracture 1
Movement of the Tongue in Speech 1111
Market Town 1111 – 'The subject is limited in appeal, and only interests the British Community, whereas our aim is to teach the Argentinian public... [later] Our audiences are very sophisticated and do not react favourably to this type of film. Buenos Aires. June 21st 1946.' - 'Audience reaction: Not favourable. New Dehli. 12th April 1946.' - 'If the film was just a little longer, and showed some more aspects of the subject, it would be much improved. ?. 29th Nov 1945.' - 'Requires previous talk & showing twice. Kenya. 1st Feb 1946.'
Morning Paper 1
New Mine 11111
Night Mail 1 [Buenos Aires]
Operative Shock 11
Open Drop Ether 1
Out of the Night 11
Neuropsychiatry 1
Papworth Village Settlement 11111
Power on the Land 11x1x1
Power Lines 11
Power to Order 11
Playtime 1
Peoples' Land 11x
Queen Cotton 1x
River Tyne 1x
Dorothy Round 1
Royal Road 1x
Second Freedom 1x111x[problems with showing England as Utopia]
Steel 1x1x1x1x1
Student Nurse 1x11
Signs and Stages of Anaesthesia 1x1x
Sheepdog 1x1x
Sea Scouts 11x
Signs and Stages of Anaesthesia, Endotrachael Anaesthesia, Carbon Dioxide Absorption, Intravenous Part 2, Operative Shock 1x
St Paul's Cathedral 1x1x1x1x1x1
The Service 1
Springs 1
Steel Goes to Sea 1
Sailors Without Uniform 1x
Surgery In Chest Disease 1x1x
Spinal Anaesthesia 1
The Story of the Apple 1x
This is Britain No.1 1
Turn of the Furrow 1x
They Live Again 1x11x1x
Trinity House 1x
Training and Practical Hints 1x
Treatment of Gunshot Wound of the Mandible 1
Thoroughbred 1x
Twenty Men and a Leader 1x1x
Wales 11x111x1x1x
[We of the] West Riding 1x1x1x 1 – 'A good ? ?[home grown?] film, with interesting photography. ?. 1946.' - 'A first-class film for Institute audiences. It would serve equally well in schools were there a Spanish Colombian version as well... [later] Anything unsuitable for your territory?: The opening scene in the empty street, possibly. The lamp-post incident is perhaps rather unnecessary and likely to be regarded with raised eyebrows in some circles. Bogota, Colombia. 12th November 1946.' [Malta – music too loud, Newfoundland]
Volley and Smash 1
Workmates 1x1
Water Cycle 1x
Water 1x
Visit to Britain 1x
Westminster Abbey 11x
Welsh Plant Breeding Station 1
World Garden 1