- 25.02.42 - “We are hoping to hear from you within the next week about the 16mm sound and silent films which you consider the most suitable for Turkish Halkevis and schools.”

- Postcard invites/requests for showings from BFI.

- “Three of our Technicolor films as follows: GREEN GIRDLE, QUEEN COTTON, & COLOUR IN CLAY.”

- 06.05.42 - Report on why the British Council can’t provide a full report on distribution, with some interesting examples. [see photos]

- Ken Hughes (who has done a film on Soho and seems to work for the BBC), mentions in a letter that he wants to get more done on the film soon, as he is likely to be called into the RAF ‘at any minute’. [see photo]

- Minutes from a number of meetings with the BFI’s National Film Library Committee (some photographed).

- Entertaining note that the British Council owed the BFI four year’s worth of subscription fees.

- Note from National Film Library (at BFI?) - ‘according to our records we do not seem to have received any copies of your films for preservation for some considerable time.’ Response in pencil on page sadly illegible.

- Mr Bell (BFI director) does ‘the film broadcast’ on Sundays 7:20-30. What is it? Broadcast to India?

- Mr O Bell, 16.08.43 - “In a rash moment when I was being patched up by my Doctor, I mentioned THORACIC SURGERY. Could you possibly lend me a copy of that... I my be able to get a little off my bill by this means!” [see photos]
The response: “A reservation has been made...It is understood, of course, that any saving on your Doctor’s bill is on a sharing basis with the BC Film Department!”

- In one of the BFI’s minutes, they list the details of many early Disney films, and propose to request a number of them, including feature films (Snow White/ Pinocchio/ Reluctant Dragon/ Fantasia/ Dumbo/ Bambi/ Victory Through Airpower/ Saludos). Also, later, the Laurel and Hardy films.

- Colour film screening request - Gardens of England/ People’s Land/ Caernarvon/ The English Village/ Western Isles. Also Song of the Clyde/ Green Girdle/ World Garden/ Water Service?