BW 2/32 - 'Joint Committee on Films: Agenda Minutes & Correspondance'

Relevant Films: Around Snowdonia, Men Who Work, So This is London, So This is Lancashire

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Many early films were adapted from existing films ie TIDA's Around Snowdonia etc

Lots of films were purchased for distribution including Men Who Work, So This is London, So This is Lancashire - does this mean that the British Council doesn't actually own the copyright of these films, or did they gain them when they took over TIDA??

BC didn't REALLY start commissioning specific films until 1939. Until then, films were either bought pre-made, or bought for re-editing.

Colour contryside film considered – maybe became Green Girdle?
Chairman (Mr Philip Guedalla) said better to concentrate on prestige films.
Mr Kenney "urged we should not omit to show the beauties of Britain's countryside with its historical and literary associations, as it would enable foreigners to understand what it was that this country was prepared to fight for."
Mr Primose suggests to film in 16mm BW, and then when approved re-shot in colour. £100 would cover BW cost.

A Navy Film made in 1939?

October 1939 - film dept formed...
Memorandum of Future Policy
Lord Lloyd informs Joint Committee on Films that TIDA's activities being curtailed for duration of the war, and that their Film Department be taken over by BC.
  • BC not allowed to send films to USA
  • Not allowed to carry on a political propaganda - films such as 'British Navy' or MOI films are not allowed to be distributed
  • Allowed to state the British case in the war

Budget 1939-40 was £35,400

Council now had more power over formulation film policy and executing the policy as approved by the council itself.
Decided that wartime production be arranged through the MOI? But Committee reserves rights in principle to produce & adapt films, & use own machinery etc for distribution.

Title TIDA to remain on films distributed by BC Film Committee - as goodwill but also to avoid audience suspicion of ulterior motives.