BW 1/58 - 'Cricket'

Relevant Film: Cricket

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Most correspondence between
Miss CM Middleton (British Council)
Alan Izod (COI)

  • Film of Cricket at Lords to be made for Austrailian audiences.
Suggested by Swanton – the Telegraph’s cricket reporter .
Enthusiasm for the film was not great, but the importance of it was recognised.
Swanton to write draft script. Requested £80. Rejected. £40 paid.

  • 1st draft – 1947.
First draft narrative from game pov only.
No mention of industry behind game i.e. making the cricket bat etc.
Slow arrive of draft as Swanton was away following South African matches and then ill.

  • Decided to have no script – instead to film actual game.
Weather major factor for shooting dates.
Gentlemen vs. Players suggested as wanted to have Northern England represented.

Film to be abandoned.

  • Colonel RS Kerr (of MCC at Lords) suggests John Arlott’s involvement with film.
Concern that foreigners “might not understand” Arlott’s West Country accent.
BC offer Arlott £500 for his involvement and narration.

  • Lords hear of Arlott’s involvement and allow filming to occur, despite Newsreel’s exclusive rights.

  • March 1949, Pathé (production company) produce their treatment of the script.

  • Film nearly abandoned AGAIN due to it being missed out on the production list
Administrator simply forgot to mark an “X” next to it on the list.

  • Writer ill again and no script was produced.

  • Finally filmed in 1949, with a rough cut ready for viewing in 1949.