Student Nurse - The Training of a State-Registered Nurse

Still from 'Student Nurse' - Taken from 'Films of Britain 1946-47'
'This film of the Nursing Service follows a student's progress from probationer to fully qualified State-registered nurse. In hospital wards, laboratories and lecture-room she acquires technical knowledge and practical skill: at the end of her three years' training many branches of the nursing profession are open to her.
Shots include the Casualty Ward, the X-ray Department and the Emergency Theatre.' [1]

Date: 1944
Duration: 32:15

Director: Francis Searle
Production Company: G.B. Screen Services
Producer: Francis Searle
Cinematographer: Brendan J. Stafford
Composer: Rex Burrows
Narration: Joseph Macleod
Editor: -
Sound Recording: -
Script: Eva Bonner, & Francis Searle
Orchestration: Charles Williams

Length: 35mm: 3114ft. 16mm: 1440ft.

Distributors: Central Film LIbrary

'Produced in co-operation with the Birmingham United Hospital and Matron, Medical Officer and Nurses of Queen Elizabeth Hospital Unit.'

Further Information:

Still from 'Student Nurse' - Taken from 'Films of Britain 1947-50'

made by G.B.I., 1943 ; owned by British Council; 16 mm. sound,
1,440 f t [430 m . ] ; 35 mm. sound, 3,600 f t [1,080 m . ] ; 3 reels ;
black and white ; 37 minutes.

The purpose of this film is to show something of the training of state-registered nurses. It was made in a modern hospital and illustrates the working life of the nurse in wards, laboratories and lecture rooms .and in more varied fields, including the casualty and x-ray departments and the operating theatre. The film also illustrates the facilities available during leisure hours in a modern nurses' home. Sequences are included showing some of the many branches of the nursing profession open to a state-registered nurse. This film should be of interest to general medical and nursing audiences and to anyone interested in nursing as a career.'[2]


Student Nurse
Certificate: A
Distributors: 20th Century Fox.
Producers: Gaumont British Screen Services
Director: Francis Searl
3045ft / 34mins [3]


Student Nurse (Great Britain*) 1945 *[Always present thus far]
Production: G.B. Screen Service. Produced in co-operation with the Birmingham United Hospital and Matron, Medical Officer and Nurses of Queen Elizabeth Hospital Unit. Commentator: Joseph Macleod. Produced by: Francis Searle.
Description: Direct photography with commentary.
Teaching Notes: Not available.
Distributors: Central Film Library, Imperial Institute, South Kensington, S.W.7
Distributors' Cat. Ref.: UK.802
Owner of Rights: British Council.
Conditions of Supply: Loaned free of charge.
Contents: This film gives a survey of the three years' course from probationer to fully-qualified state-registered nurse. It starts with the arrival of some new students at a hospital, and then shows, in an interesting and convincing manner, something of their experiences in each year of training. When at length the girls are fully qualified, it is pointed out that this is not the end but the beginning for them; for now they must choose the branch of nursing for which they are most fitted, whether it be hospital, private, district or maternity nursing, or specialist work such as radiography.
Appraisal: This film, produced by the British Council primarily for overseas, but which is being shown in this country as one of the series of “Jobs After the War”, is excellent and most inspiring, working up to a real climax. It is a pity, however, that it deals only with the woman's side, as male nursing is also a most valuable profession, which might well be given more publicity. The film should be of considerable to Youth Clubs – though, owing to the omission noted above, it will be necessarily be of far more value to the girl members – and the senior forms of girls' schools.
35mm. Sd.
16mm. Sd.
4 reels.
3 reels.

30th June 1946
Educational Films
Vocational Guidance [4]
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