Speed of Sound

This educational short explains how sound travels at different speeds in different media: air, water and solids. There is footage from MoD Army of troops engaged in the location of guns by sound.
Date: - Unknown
Director: - S G Fergusson
Sponsor: -
Production Company: - G-B Instructional Ltd
Associate Producer - Frank Wells
Cinematographer: - Jack Palmer
Composer: -
Narration: -
Editor: - Jack Baldwin
Sound Recording: - Peter Birch
Other Personnel:
Assistant Producer - Derek Mayne
Supervised by - R J Griggs, BSc, F Inst P
Anuimation Director - Ken Hardy
Writer - S G Fergusson
Diagrams - G-B Animation Ltd

Length: 8mm, length unknown.
Duration: 6 minutes
Distributor: G-B Equipments Ltd
The copy used for this entry is 8mm from the library of the Manchester Education Authority around the mid-1960s.
At the start of the film, the following message appears:
Crown Copyright Material of "Sound Ranging" is reproduced by permission of the War Office.
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