The Second Freedom - Social Assurance
(Alternative Title: Social Insurance: How the British System Works)

Still from 'Second Freedom'
'The biography of ‘Mrs. Brown’s Boy Jack’ shows how the British system of Social Assurance affects the lives of working people. His mother receives pre-natal and maternity benefits; the vast machinery of Social Assurance works for him from infancy to old age. He is entitled to numerous benefits, including unemployment insurance and workmen’s compensation.' [1]

Date: 1943
Duration: 16:51

Director: Lister Laurance
Production Company: Verity Films Ltd.
Producer: -
Cinematographer: S.R. "Ray" Elton
Composer: Hubert Clifford
Narration: Freddie Grisewood
Editor: -
Sound Recording: Al Rhind
Story Outline: Cossar Turfery
Unit Manager: William MacQuitty
Conductor: Muir Mathieson
Played by: A Section of the London Symphony Orchestra

Length: 35mm: 1800ft. 16mm: 600ft.

Distributor: M.G.M.


The street scenes in this film are located in Harrow, London, and still exist today.

Still from 'Second Freedom' - Lidell Close

Still from 'Second Freedom' - Kenmore Park Middle School

Still from 'Second Freedom' - Streatfield Road

Second Freedom
Certificate: U
Distributors: M.G.M.
Producers: Verity Films
1579ft / 18mins
The working of the British system of Social Insurance. Produced for the British Council.[2]

Second Freedom
Production: Produced by Verity Films.
Description: Direct photography with commentary.
Teaching Notes: Not available.
Distributors: The Film Library, G.B. Equipments, Ltd., Tower House, Woodchester, Nr. Stroud, Glos.
Distributors' Cat. Ref.: C. 3540.
Owner of U.K. Rights: British Council.
Conditions of Supply: Loaned on hire at 7s. 6d. per reel per day plus 2s. per reel for each additional day.
Contents: This film starts with the birth of a boy baby, goes on to his schooldays in a very pleasant school where every attention is paid to the pupils' health and abilities, shows him getting his first job as draughtsman in a very well-equipped firm, and stresses the point that he need not worry either about unemployment or illness, thanks to National Health and Unemployment Insurance. He marries, gets a nice subsidized [sic] house in a housing-estate; and, when his wife's first baby is on the way, she visits an excellent ante-natal and baby-welfare clinic. Together in their garden, the young couple look at the old couple next door, who have nothing to worry about, thanks to the old-age pension scheme.
Appraisal: This film, made for the British Council primarily for distribution overseas, presents, to those who know the facts, too sanguine a picture. By attempting to cover too much ground, it loses continuity; and the script shows too clearly the hand of officialdom, so that as a whole it lacks emotion. It might be of use in youth clubs or upper forms of secondary schools in conjunction with a talk on social services.
16mm. Sd.
2 reels.[3]
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