Sea Scouts - Youth Carries on a Great Tradition

Still from 'Sea Scouts' - Taken from 'Films of Britain 1942-43'
'For four hundred years Englishmen have gone forth to seek new lands beyond the sea: Drake, Hawkins, Cook, Clive, Livingstone, Scot... great sea captains, adventurers, explorers, pioneers laying the broad foundations of a brotherhood of free peoples, the British Commonwealth of Nations. To-day, the Sea Scouts carry on the seafaring tradition, and it is fitting that Captain Scott's famous command Discovery should be their training ship. There they learn swimming, life-saving, boat-building, seamanship, morse-telegraphy, signalling - all the lore of the sea.' [1]

Date: 1941
Duration: 11:19

Director: Ronald H. Riley
Production Company: Technique Films Ltd
Producer (Associate): Alfred Travers
Cinematographer: Eric Cross
Composer: -
Narration: E.V.H. Emmett
Editor: -
Sound Recording: -
Writer: Ronald H. Riley
Scenario: Harold. A. Albert

Length: 35mm: 1000ft. 16mm: 400ft.

Distributor: M.G.M

Sea Scouts
Certificate: U
Distributors: M.G.M.
Producers: Technique Films
963ft / 11mins
The training of Sea Scouts. Produced for the British Council. [2]
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