Sailors Without Uniform - Fishermen of Britain/England

Still from 'Sailors Without Uniform' - Taken from 'Films of Britain 1946'
'Along the coast of Britain live communities of fishermen, the men of the trawlers and drifters. They set out in small boats on journeys of anything from twenty to four thousand miles in search of the harvest of the sea. Leaving in the grey dawn for a three or four weeks' voyage, the men are ready to face and kind of weather and to meet the dangers of the sea. Once the catch is made, the boats race for home to be first at the market. Now that war has come, many fishermen are away from their jobs, working on the minesweepers or serving in the Royal Navy.' [1]

Date: 1939
Duration: 10:--

Director: Ivan Scott
Production Company: Spectator Short Films
Producer: Ivan Scott
Cinematography: A.H. Luff
Composer: C. Ridley
Narration: -
Editor: Helen Wiggins
Sound Recording:-
Script: Lewis Grant Wallace

Length: 35mm: 927ft. 16mm: 380ft.

Distributors: Denning Films


A silent version of this film is listed as also being available in the 1940 edition of Films of Britain.

Though not recut, this title appears with a shortened description in the 1947-50 edition of Films of Britain as follows:
'The men of the trawlers and drifters set out at dawn on voyages of anything from twenty to four thousand miles. This is a wartime picture of fishing and of fisherman who sail in all weathers through perilous seas.' [2]

The subtitle changes also changes from 'Fishermen of Britain' to 'Fishermen of England' in the 1942-43 edition.
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