The Royal Mile, Edinburgh - Historic Edinburgh

Still from 'The Royal Mile, Edinburgh'
'A tour of Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood House and the intervening ‘Royal Mile’. Here lived Robert Burns, John Knox, and Adam Smith. The tour ends at the Palace, historic Holyrood.' [1]

Date: 1943
Duration: 13:28

Director: Terence Egan Bishop
Production Company: Merton Park Studios
Producer: -
Cinematographer: Cyril Jenkins
Composer: William Alwyn
Narration: -
Editor: C. Beaumont
Sound Recording: Al Rhind

Length: 35mm: 1200ft. 16mm: 480ft.

Distributors: M.G.M.

Edinburgh - October 2011
Royal Mile, Edinburgh, The

Certificate: U
Distributors: M.G.M.
Producers: Merton Park Studios
1246ft / 14mins
Glimpses of the road between the Castle and Holyrood Palace. Produced for the British Council. [2]

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  2. ^ New Short Films Issued between July 21 and August 20 [1944]
    Monthly Film Bulletin of the BFI