Queen Cotton - Lancashire Cotton

'Nature has given Lancashire a moist atmosphere suited ideally to the spinning of yarn. Lancashire men have made it the greatest cotton-spinning and weaving centre in the world. Behind all this work research never ceases. Experts are ever trying out new fabrics, and fashion puts them to the loveliest uses. Dress designers, artists and operatives each play their part until eventually length after length of beautiful cloth emerges. Now it is fit material for transformation into a charming array of costumes and frocks, created by British dress designers whose names are known the world over.'[1]

Date: 1941
Duration: 11:--

In Technicolor
Director: Cecil Musk
Production Company: Merton Park Studios
Producer: -
Cinematographer: Jimmy Rogers
Composer: William Alwyn
Narration: -
Editor: C. Beaumont
Sound Recording: Al Rhind

Technicolor Advisor: Jack Cardiff
Assistant Director: Don Weeks
Screenplay: Terence Egan Bishop

Length: 35mm: 1000ft. 16mm: 400ft.


This is the only film in the British Council Film Collection to feature a female narrator.

The fashion show at the end of Queen Cotton was a part of an export trade exhibition organised by the UK Cotton Board in 1941 that was sent to the Americas and South Africa.

The list of designers who contributed to the outfits seen in the film includes Edward Molyneux,Norman Hartnell (then Dressmaker to the Queen), Victor Stiebel, Charles Creed, Digby-Morton, Worth, and Peter Russell.

Stills from 'Queen Cotton' - Taken from 'Films of Britain 1941'

Date: 1941
Director: Cecil Musk
Certificate: U
Distributors: M.G.M.
Producers: Merton Park Studios
1,284ft / 14mins
The cotton industry of Lancashire. In Technicolor.[2]

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