Power In Store - The Manufacture of Storage Batteries for Motor Cars
(Later Subtitle: The Electric Battery)

Still from 'Power in Store'
'Of great importance to the country to-day are the power stations which distribute electricity to factory and farm, office and private house. No less important to every vehicle on the road is the storage battery, distributing power to the sparking plugs, self-starter, headlights and sidelights, tail light, reversing light, roof light, trafficators, windscreen wipers, horn and sometimes wireless.
This film shows in detail the construction of a battery. The case is subjected to an insulation test of 45,000 volts, intricate machines make terminals, connectors and other delicate parts. The plates are assembled, insulated and fitted into the case.
An ingenious filter cap is fitted, showing by means of prisms when the battery needs refilling with distilled water. Finally, the completed storage battery undergoes exhaustive tests for efficiency before being packed for despatch..' [1]

Date: 1938/39
Duration: 08:47

Director: -
Production Company: TIDA[?}
Producer: -
Cinematographer: James Rogers
Composer: -
Narration: Kent Stevenson
Editor: Alan Gourlay
Sound Recording: W.S. Bland

Length: 35mm: 900ft. 16mm: 360ft.

Sponsored by TIDA.


'Made with the co-operation of Joseph Lucas Limited.'
  1. ^ Films of Britain - British Council Film Department Catalogue - 1940