Piccadilly Roundabout - The Centre of the World

Still from 'Piccadilly Roundabout' - Taken from 'Films of Britain 1946'

'Piccadilly Circus, in peace or war, is the hub of the world. Today, the crowd is as large as ever; many men and women are in uniform. In Piccadilly there are bomb scars; the brilliant lights and neon signs have disappeared. Shots include several famous streets, clubs and restaurants, the Piccadilly tube, Leicester Square, and cosmopolitan Soho.'[1]

Date: 1943
Length: 11:-- or 12:--
Productions: Everyman Films

Piccadilly Roundabout
Certificate: U
Distributors: M.G.M.
Producers: Everyman Films
1075ft / 12mins
Everyday scenes of thoroughfares in the vicinity of Piccadilly. Produced for the British Council.[2]
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    Monthly Film Bulletin of the BFI