made by Spectator Short Films Ltd. 1943; owned by British
Council; 16 mm. sound, 800 ft [240 m.] ; 35 mm. sound, 1900 ft
[1170 m.] ; 2 reels ; Black and white ; 20 minutes.

This film was made at one of the special centres of the Emergency Medical Service which have been organized for the diagnosis and treatment of war neurosis. The treatment is planned to restore the individual to maximum usefulness. On arrival, the new patient spends the first 24 hours away from the rest of the hospital. During this time specially trained members of the staff attempt to gain his confidence. His past history is taken and preliminary tests, both physical and psychological, are made. The further vocational and psychological tests he may undergo after he is transferred to the main part of the hospital, and various forms of treatment, including convulsive therapy, are illustrated. Organized games and exercises and various types of occupational therapy help to restore and maintain mental and physical health, in military cases, the doctor at the centre, together with advisers from the War Office, discuss and decide upon the most suitable vocational classification of the patient on conclusion of treatment at the centre.'[2]
  1. ^ '[This is an abbreviated version of a film made for the Ministry
    of Information and the Ministry of Health, the running time of
    which is 68 minutes.]'
  2. ^ British Medical Bulletin; 1945; Vol 8.; p202