Morning Paper - A British Newspaper in Time of War

'A description of how, in spite of air raids, a famous London Newspaper carries on. From the pre-war offices above ground, the scene shifts to the Press Room below; the pages are composed and checked, curved stereos are made to fit the rotary presses. Bombs may fall, but the newspaper comes out on time.' [1]

Date: 1942
Duration: 10:31

Director: Donald Carter
Production Company: G.B. Instructional
Producer: H. Bruce Woolfe
Cinematographer: Jack Parker
Composer: -
Narration: -
Editor: Darrel Catling
Sound Recording: -

Length: 35mm: 1011ft. 16mm:390ft.

Distributor: M.G.M.


The only name listed in the title credits is that of Darrel Catling. The rest of the individual credits listed here are taken from the British Film Library Catalogue, Vol.2, Non-Fiction Film 1888-1994 (2001 Edition), page 312.

This film follows the production of an edition of The Times or The Sunday Times[2] whilst London was being bombed during World War 2. It is likely that the paper was selected as the subject due to Elizabeth Dilys Powell, film critic for The Sunday Times at that time, being a member of the British Council Film Committee [3] - something of an advisory board for the British Council Film Department.

Morning Paper
Certificate: U
Distributors: M.G.M.
Producers: G.B. Instructional
983ft / 11mins
A British newspaper in time of war. Produced for the British Council. [4]
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  2. ^ The two papers were separate entities when this film was produced in 1942, founded independently and only coming under common ownership in 1966.
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    New Short Films Issued Between March 21 and April 20 [1942]
    51 Morning Paper
    Monthly Film Bulletin of the BFI