Men Who Work - A Picture of Britain's Largest Automobile Factory

'As the siren blows, nineteen thousand men stream into the motor factory at Longbridge, Birmingham, where automobiles are made for all parts of the world. Work starts throughout the factory: in the foundry, where molten metal is poured into moulds; in the machine shops where the engine parts are made; in the assembling departments where the automobiles are built; in the drawing offices where automobiles are designed.

Men experienced in two hundred and fifty different trades are needed to make one automobile; workers in metal of every kind, in wood, leather, glass; painters, polishers, panel beaters, machinists, electricians, fitters, welders, designers, chemists and metallurgists–all do their part with a skill that is a tradition in the history of the British automobile industry. When the day’s work is done, trams, coaches, trains, motorcycles, automobiles and bicycles take the men who work from the factory to their homes.' [1]

9 minutes.
35mm: 770ft. 16mm: 310ft.

Production: TIDA

TIME/IMAGE Note: Set in the Austin Motor Company's plant in Longbridge, Birmingham.
  1. ^ Films of Britain - British Council Film Department Catalogue - 1939