Make Fruitful the Land - Crop Rotation

'British eighteenth-century farmers were the pioneers of crop rotation. Pre-rotation and rotations methods of farming are contrasted in the this picture, and there are many shots and diagrams of the ‘Four Course’ system in operation. By a scientific crop rotations and up-to-date machinery British farmers today get the maximum yield from their limited acres.' [1]

Date: 1945
Duration: 15:47

In Technicolor.
Director: Ken Annakin
Production Company: Greenpark Productions
Producer: Ralph Keene
Cinematographer: Geoffrey Unsworth (Listed as 'Geoff Unsworth')
Composer: David Moule Evans
Narration: -
Editor (Supervising): Julian Wintle
Sound Recording: -
Written by: Ralph Keene
Diagrams; W.M. Larkins & Co.
Models by: R.T. Roussel

Length: 35mm: 1500ft. 16mm: 600ft.

Distributor: M.G.M.


Recorded at Merton Park Studios.

Still from 'Make Fruitful the Land'
Make Fruitful the Land

Certificate: U
Distributors: M.G.M.
Producers: Greenpark Productions
1478ft / 16mins
Documentary, in Technicolor, on crop rotation. Produced for the British Council. [2]

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    Vol.12 / No.s 133-144 [135 Missing]/ 1945-46
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