London Town
(Possible Alternative Title: London)

'Londoners at work.'

Date: 1934
Duration: --:--

A silent film.
Director: Marion Grierson
Production Company: EMB
Producer: John Grierson
Cinematographer: William Shenton
Composer: N/A
Narration: N/A
Editor: -
Sound Recording: N/A

Length: 35mm: -ft. 16mm:-ft.

Distributor: TIDA


All information for this title is taken from the British Film Library Catalogue, Vol.2, Non-Fiction Film 1888-1994 (2001 Edition), page 258, ref: 06646.

This book lists this title to be a silent counterpart to So This is London, and shares the same production team, if not the same production company. It is feasible that the discrepancy in production companies is simply due to the Empire Marketing Board, who produced this film, ceasing to exist by September 1933, and thus another had to be hired to create a sound version. That said, a query might validly be raised as to how this production came to be finished in February 1934, when the EMB had been defunct for six months.

Another problem is raised in that no film entitled 'London Town' exists in even the earliest Films of Britain catalogue (1939), unlike all other films in this collection. TIME/IMAGE is of the opinion that this film may have be simply retitled 'London' sometime between 1935 and 1939, thought without further information on either film, it is impossible to be sure.