The Life History of the Onion

'The film shows speeded-up germination of the seed to form roots and shoot, at whose base the leaves later form a bulb. The flower produces pollen grains (shown much magnified), which are transferred by insects to the stigmas for fertilization of seeds inside the ovary.' [1]

Date: 1943
Duration: 10:23

Director: Mary Field
Production Company: G.B. Instructional
Producer: -
Cinematographer: F. Percy Smith
Composer: N/A
Narration: -
Editor: -
Sound Recording: -
Advisor: B. Barnes

Length: 35mm: 1005ft. 16mm: 402ft.


Curiously, though clearly part of the G.B. Instructional 'Life Cycle' series within the British Council's archive, this film bears the title credit The Life History of the Onion. The title credit is perhaps a mistake (and perhaps only limited to this copy of the film), as it is promoted within the Film of Britain catalogues alongside the rest of the series as The Life Cycle of the Onion.

Still from 'The Life History of the Onion'

  1. ^ Films of Britain - British Council Film Department Catalogue - 1942-43