Letter From Britain

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Sponsor: British Council
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Length: 35mm: -ft. 16mm: -ft.

  • Features real soldiers as the main characters, rather than actors.
  • This film was specifically produced for Canadian audiences, in order to boost the relationship between the two countries, although it did receive distribution in other countries too.
  • A Letter From Britain and Ulster are the only two films in the British Council Film Collection to feature Northern Ireland.
  • A Letter From Britain must have been filmed after March 1945, as this is when the ‘Merchant Navy’ class steam train ‘Elders Fyffes - seen at 04:40 - was built.
  • The poster seen on the Underground train at 06:00 was part of the government-sponsored ‘Billy Brown of London Town’ series.
  • Several ships are seen around Londonderry in A Letter From Britain. These include //HMCS Glace Bay//, //HMS Launceston Castle//, //HMS Loch Katrine//, //HMCS Penetang//, and HMCS Petrolia. By comparing convoy listings, it can be deduced that these scenes were filmed in early March 1945.
  • The song sung by ‘Paddy’ at 13:05 is entitled ‘If You Ever Go To Ireland’, written by Art Noel. The song sung by the solider around 14:45 is an Irish ballad called ‘//The Rose of Tralee//. The piece sung in the pub around 15:40 is ‘My Gal’s a Corker’.

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