Lancashire, Home of Industry - Some of the Activities in One of the World's Most Important Industrial Centres

'Industry first found a home in Lancashire when the humid climate of the county proved suitable for the spinning and weaving of cotton. With the Industrial Revolution, the face of Lancashire was changed–the mills driven by water-wheels on the banks of the swift-flowing streams were replaced by huge factories, utilising power from coal found in large quantities close at hand. Many other industries gathered near the coal- field, making the county the world’s leading industrial centre.' [1]

Date: 1935
Duration: 16:--

A silent film.
Director: Donald Taylor
Production Company: Zenifilms/Strand/TIDA
Producer: -
Cinematographer: George Noble
Composer: N/A
Narration: N/A
Editor: -
Sound Recording: -

Length: 35mm: 1000ft. 16mm:400ft.


This is a silent counterpart to So This is Lancashire.

Credits listed here are taken from the British Film Library Catalogue, Vol.2, Non-Fiction Film 1888-1994 (2001 Edition), page 268, ref: 06909.

The British Film Library Catalogue also states that the footage used in this title was originally intended to be used as a part of a film entitled Lancashire at Work. Made by Zenifilms for TIDA, it was directed by Donald Taylor and shot by George Noble, as above. As previously theorised, it was apparently made for the Lancashire Industrial Development Council (most likely as a result of their substantial donation to TIDA[2] ). However, for some unknown reason it was never distributed in this form or under this title, and the footage was later used in both So This Is Lancashire and Lancashire, Home of Industry.[3]
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