The Great Game - British Association Football

Still from 'The Great Game' - Taken from 'Films of Britain 1947-50'
'A famous footballer tells how boys learn football at school and describes the part the game plays in British life. Most towns have their teams, and matches are played every Saturday. Almost everyone takes an interest in these matches, and at the end of the winter the best two teams play in the ‘Cup Final’ for ‘the Cup’, a silver trophy kept by the winners until the next year.'[1]

Date: 1945
Duration: 28:19

Director: -
Production Company: Verity
Producer: Reg Groves
Cinematographer: Jo Jago, & Alvin Willis
Composer: -
Narration: Raymond Glendenning, Geoffrey Sumner, & J.R. Whitty (of the Football Association)
Editor: C. Beaumont
Sound Recording: Edgar Law
Written by: Reg Groves

Length: 35mm: 2800ft. 16mm: 1120ft.

Distributors: Central Film Library

'In Association with The Film Producers Guild.'

Further Information

The Great Game (Great Britain, 1946)
Still from 'The Great Game' - Taken from 'Films of Britain 1946'

Distributors: Central Film Library
Producers: Produced by Verity for the British Council
3 reels 2500ft / 28 mins Format: 16mm and 35mm, both Sd.
UK Rights: British Council

This film is about Association Football. It begins with shots of boys playing at school and in the street; passes on to demonstrations given to schoolboys in training; and emphasises that from schoolboys and workers in industry come the majority of our professional players. Newsreel sequences of various Cup Finals are then shown.

This film, produced by the British Council, is quite interesting at first, but the various match sequences take up far too much of its running time, since they have now lost their topical interest. It would have been both more valuable and more interesting to have illustrated in some detail the training of one particular team with some sequences showing the results of that training in actual matches. Boys in schools and Youth Clubs should enjoy the film to some extent, though it would probably occasion a certain amount of disappointment. *
  • Appraisal by Background Films Viewing Committee

Index to Vol. 14 NOS. 157-168 1947
Films issued between November 30th and December 31st (1947)
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Amateur and professional Association football.

New Short Films Issued between June 19 and July 15 [1946]
Index to Vol.13 / No.s 145-156 / 1945-46
Monthly Film Bulletin of the BFI

From BFI database - :

The Great Game (1946)
Director: GROVES, Reg
Production Company: Verity Films
Sponsor: British Council

On-screen Participant: BUCKLEY, Major Frank
On-screen Participant: WINTERBOTTOM, Walter
On-screen Participant: HUBBICK, Harry
Format: 35mm
Film Length: 2656 Feet
Run time: 28.0 mins
Colour/Black and White: Black/White
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