Edinburgh - The Capital of Scotland

'Built on seven hills around the central Castle Rock, Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe. The Castle still stands as it did in Mediaeval times, when it played a key part in the Scottish wars with England, and military pageantry associated with the castle still finds place in the life of the people.' [1]

Date: 1934
Duration: 09:--/13:--

A silent film.
Director: Marion Grierson
Production Company: GPO/TIDA
Producer: John Grierson
Cinematography: -
Composer: -
Narration: -
Editor: -
Sound Recording: -

Length: 35mm: 800ft. 16mm: 320ft.


Credits listed here are taken from the British Film Library Catalogue, Vol.2, Non-Fiction Film 1888-1994 (2001 Edition), page 260, ref: 06683.
  1. ^ Films of Britain - British Council Film Department Catalogue - 1939