Cambridge - Life at Cambridge University

Still from 'Cambridge' - Taken from 'Films of Britain 1946-47'

'The ancient University of Cambridge in its setting of a market town. The film shows many famous streets and Colleges and typical scenes of University life. Shots include dinner in Hall, a lecture by Sir Lawrence Bragg, F.R.S., Degree day at the senate House and Evensong at King's.' [1]

27 minutes. 35mm: 2500ft. 16mm: 1000ft.

Production: Produced by Everyman Films.
Description: Direct photography with commentary.
Teaching Notes: Not available.
Distributors: The Film Library, G.B. Equipments, Ltd., Tower House, Woodchester, Nr. Stroud, Glos.
Distributors' Cat. Ref.: C. 3509.
Owner of Rights: British Council.
Conditions of Supply: Loaned on hire at 7s. 6d. per reel per day plus 2s. per reel for each additional day.
Contents: This film, apart from a brief sequence on Cambridge as a market-town, deals with life at the University at wartime. It opens with shots showing graduates after the Presentation of Degrees in the Senate House. It then shows typical work at the University. We are taken into several lecture rooms, in one of which the Master of Trinity is lecturing; are shown a meal in Hall, and some of the many-sided social activities, including a rehearsal of choir and orchestra and a service in Kings; and a don's study, where the close relation of student and teacher is seen.
Appraisal: This film, made for the British Council, primarily for distribution overseas, should be useful for this purpose. The photography, owing to the difficulty of taking some of the scenes, is sometimes on the dark side. The commentary, as in all the films of this nature, suffers from the monotony of the single commentator's voice. The film might be used for the upper forms of secondary schools; but would not be likely to interest youth club audiences.
16mm. Sd.
1000ft approx.
3 reels. [2]

Date: 1945
Director: Richard Massingham
Duration: 27:--
Format: Unknown
Sponsor: British Council
Production: Everyman Films

Certificate: U
Distributors: M.G.M.
Producers: Everyman Films
2164ft / 24mins
Streets and Colleges of Cambridge and scenes of University life. Produced for the British Council.

New Short Films Issued between January 21 and February 20 [1945]
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