Britain Shoulders Arms - The Re-birth of the British Army

'After the Great War of 1914–1918 Britain was left with one predominant desire–to live in peace. Fifteen years later, however, world-stirring events brought a new threat to democracy and a new spirit became evident at the Ministry of War. The ranks of the Regular Army were expanded by an intensive recruiting campaign. As the war-clouds gathered Britain forsook the traditional system of voluntary recruiting and adopted compulsory service, thus ensuring that if the need arose a vast army could rapidly be set on the march. The Army was mechanised: tank corps took the place of cavalry. In the manufacture of armaments great strides were made. On the home front scientific discovery has immeasurably improved the latest anti- aircraft guns. Television was used in observation posts, to allow battery commanders to see the results of their fire. When war did break out, the Army was ready, and it was able to embark for service overseas with efficiency and confidence.'[1]

Date: 1940
Director: G.T. Cummins
Category: Britain at War
Duration: 10:--
Format: Unknown
Sponsor: British Council


This title appears in no Films of Britain catalogue after 1940, as the film was withdrawn around this time. In original documentation from 1945, it is stated that "The [film] Committee has always been insistent that films should be withdrawn from circulation as soon as they had served their purpose, as it was considered out of date films would be bad publicity... Raising Air Fighters and Britain Shoulders Arms made in 1939 are only museum pieces today."[2]
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