National Film Library Catalogue


1.3 – Art and History of the Documentary Film – Classic Documentaries (1905 - 1951)
Colour 35mins
Brilliant photography eloquently demonstrates the blast furnaces, forges rolling mills and machine shops, and the number of highly skilled craftsmen who for generation have devoted their lives to the tradition of British steel making.
Technique Films
British Council, 1945
Direction: Ronald H Riley
Photography: Jack Cardiff

1.3 – Art and History of the Documentary Film – Documentaries, Shorts, Experimental Films (1953 – 1979)
Colour 23mins
Coventry's medieval church was destroyed in an air raid on 14 November 1940. A competition was launched among British architects for a design for the rebuilding and this was won by Sir Basil Spence, who introduces the film and provides the commentary. The development of the plan of the new cathedral is traced out, showing the influences which have affected the design. Sequences show: Graham Sutherland at work on the pleiminary designs of the tapestry, the preparation of the five large pairs of stained glass windows, and the way in which the ruins of the old cathedral are being integrated with the new. The main body of the film is based on a model constructed from Spence's drawings, and is photographed in such a way as to give a clear impression of the final building. Venice and Edinburgh Film Festivals.
British Council and British Film Institute, 1956
Production, Photography and Editing: Dudley Shaw Ashton
Sound Recording: Alan Lloyd and Walter Milner
Script and Narration: Sir Basil Spence.”