Artificial Pneumothorax (Techniques of)

'Theory and practice of the introduction of air into the pleural cavity for the reduction of the volume and movement of the lungs with resulting relaxation of a diseased area. Shown in diagram and actuality, with special cine-radiographic studies of the patient's lungs as seen during screening before and after the treatment.
Principle on which the apparatus used for the introduction of air operates; preparation of apparatus. Pre-operative treatment of patient, technique of induction and refill, sanatorium treatment, X-ray examination and replacement of air during the period spent as an out-patient, re-expansion of the lung.'

3 Reels
24 mins
For Medical Students[1]

Date: 1946


'Artificial Pneumothorax
Sound film, 25 minutes, obtainable from the British Council or the Ministry of Information.
This excellent film was made under the auspices of the British Council and technically is first class. It is not clear exactly for what type of audience it was intended, but nurses or under graduates would derive benefit from it if it was used to supplement normal teaching. It offers nothing for the post graduate in this country, but would obviously be interesting to doctors abroad as showing the methods in current use in Britain.
The film starts well and follows a patient through the various stages of induction and refills of his pneumothorax. Unfortunately it suddenly tails off at the end with an X-ray purporting to be that of the patient when cured, which it clearly cannot be. Apart from' this one weakness it is difficult to find anything to criticize. The spoken word is accurate and unobtrusive, the photography very good.'[2]
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