Around the Village Green - Life in a Typical English Village

'Roads, railways and 'bus services have brought about a change in the English village. Once a self-contained unit, in modern times it has become and integral part of the country's life. Vans from the large town stores deliver right to the cottager's door, and bring goods from the remotest corners of the world. Mail from any part of England reaches the village post-office within twenty-four hours. Nearly every thatched cottage has its radio, and many are wired for electric light. It is sixty years since education became compulsory for children, and all the world now lies before the boy or girl who crosses the threshold of the little village schoolroom. But still the shop, the community hall and the inn are grouped around the village green, and the church remains the centre of social life.' [1]

Date: 1938
Directors: Marion Grierson & Evelyn Spice
Duration: 12:--
Music: Benjamin Britten
Length: 35mm: 1100ft; 16mm: 440ft

Further Information

The music for this title was apparently composed by the well-known composer Benjamin Britten, and is known as the 'Irish Reel'.

'Britten's Irish Reel was composed in 1936 as title music for a documentary film made by Marion Grierson and Evelyn Spice. Around the Village Green was made for the Travel and Industrial Development Association, which explored the changes to rural life in East Anglia after the increased mechanisation of agriculture. In his incidental music, Britten incorporated a riotous medley of folk songs and other traditional tunes (including 'Early One Morning', 'The Vocar of Bray', and Sheild's 'The Plough Boy'), many of which were suggested to him by the Norfolk-based composer E. J. Moeran.'**__[2]
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