The Answer - Britain's Check to the German Drive for World Domination

Still from 'The Answer'
'The German march across Europe is halted at the English Channel. The marching songs of slavery are drowned by the songs of a free people, united against aggression. The regions of Britain are seen in panorama. In East Anglia the farmworker breaks new ground for food production. In Yorkshire the steelworkers increase their output of molten metal. The mineworkers of South Wales labour to produce more coal. The shipyard men of Northern Ireland work day and night to build ships for Britain, and the fishermen of Cornwall and the shepherds of Scotland are making valuable additions to the Nation's food supply. All are united behind their King in the Freeman's reply to Nazi tyranny.' [1]

Date: 1940
Duration: 09:31

Director: Alex Bryce
Production Company: Spectator
Producer: Ivan Scott
Cinematographer: C. Hornby, and W. Luff
Composer: C. Ridley
Narration: -
Editor: N. Wiggins
Sound Recording: W. Bland

Length: 35mm: 1608ft. 16mm: 654ft.

Distributor: Associated British Film Distributors Ltd.

'An A.B.F.D. Release
Controlled throughout the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Eire by
Associated British Film Distributors Ltd.
169-171, Oxford St. London W.1.'


N. Wiggins is actually listed under the heading of 'Cutting' in the title credits, rather that 'editor'.
  1. ^ Films of Britain - British Council Film Department Catalogue - 1941