Activity Days in Language Learning

Date: 1977
Director: Piers Pendred
Category: About the British Council
Duration: --:--
Sponsor: British Council (English Language Division)
Production: British Council (Production Unit)
Producer: Piers Pendred
Assistant Director: Peter Jones
Photography: Martin Bell
Editor: Roger Kean
Sound: Keith Desmond
Script: Marion Geddes
Commentator: Diana Basterfield
Commentator: Marion Geddes
Commentator: Jim Kerr
Commentator: Gill Sturtridge

'Documentary film on the activities provided for overseas students by the English Language Teaching Institute (London) of the British Council. "Activity Days in Language Learning" Overseas students enter the British Council English Language Teaching Institute, 11 Portland Place, London. Teachers explain their activities: Press room - newspapers and magazines used in teaching. Listening room - 16 booth language laboratory. Research room - students practice the research skills they will use when they go on to university. Games room - offers students the opportunity to talk in an uncontrolled situation, in games such as the London Underground Game. Students speak about their use of the rooms. Students seen using each of the rooms: in the language laboratory; the press room; playing the London Underground Game etc.'
' Film showing an 'activity day' on an intensive English language course.' [1]

'About at activity day on an intensive English language course, showing how the d ay is organised to cope with individual learner's needs, how and why students se lect activities for themselves, and how they carry out the various tasks, in four activity rooms: the listening room , the press room, the research room and the games room. Accompanied by a booklet of "Notes for Teacher Trainers". Intended for language teachers An day's activity in an intensive English language course: intended for language teachers.' [2]

*note: two seperate entries on BFI database*
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