A1 at Lloyd's - The Work of Lloyd's of London

'A description of Lloyd’s services to world shipping and the story of a voyage from Valparaiso to Hull. The S.S. Armadillo, ‘100 A 1’ at Lloyd’s sets out with a valuable cargo on her adventurous voyage; she is reported missing; her safe arrival is announced by the ringing of the famous Lutine Bell at Lloyd’s.' [1]

Date: 1942
Director: Ralph Bond
Category: Science & Industry
Duration: 10:--
Sponsor: British Council
Production: Strand Film Company

A1 at Lloyd's [2]
Certificate: U
Distributors: A.B.F.D.
Producers: Strand
849ft / 9mins
The work of Lloyd's of London. Produced for the British Council.

A.1. at Lloyd's [3]
Alternative title: A1 at Lloyds
35mm Film - Black and White
Released: 1942
Director: Ralph Bond
Production Company: Strand Film Company
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